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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Am I a Runner?

So I stopped in a "local running store" today.

I was kindly greeted at the door.  "Hi, Can I help you?"

"Yes, do you happen to have the New Balance Minimus Road" shoe yet?

"Yes, we just got it in, would you like to try it on?"

"I certainly would, thank you."

"Okay, let's measure your feet.  So- Are you a runner?"

This is where the shopping trip turned complicated.  You see I started running (slowly) in September, but don't really consider myself a runner- I feel like I haven't earned it or something.  Yet, here I was in a "local running store" asking by make and model of a shoe that is supposedly not even being released for another 10 days.  Kinda SEEMS like that may qualify me to at least be a "runner- wanna-be" or something?

...I bought the shoes.


  1. Lol, after that, i'm pretty sure i'm just a jogger!

  2. Chris- No... I am pretty sure you are a runner. A jogger would not make her own wool running shorts!