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Saturday, February 5, 2011

You can be warm- thanks to Ewes

Ewe:  a female sheep.  They grow wool.  Wool is AMAZING!  If you don't get warm and fuzzy feelings when you think about wool then you need to forget all your bad experiences with it and give it a fresh start.

Yes, there is wool that is scratchy and stiff.  Some people think they are allergic to it, very few actually are, the problem is that the scratchy stiff stuff has given the whole wool family a bad rep.  So unfair.

Wool is the ORIGINAL performance fabric.  Fleece?  Folks- fleece is polyester... the same polyester that we made fun of in the '80s.  Polyester manufacturers got smart and reinvented it in to high profiting "performance fabric" by creating that soft nap on one side that "wicks moisture".  Sure it works, but it's still polyester and people are paying a crazy amount of money for it.

Wool has always had performance qualities- it comes by it naturally:

  • It is water resistant- it can absorb up to 30% of it's weight without feeling wet or damp
  • It is thermal- which doesn't just mean it is warm.   It actually allows your body to maintain it's proper temperature- warming you if needed and allowing you to cool if needed.  
  • It it easy to clean- wool contains lanolin which resists dirt.  Dirt will easily brush off of wool items.
  • It is antibacterial- that same lanolin keeps it from absorbing body odors
  • It doesn't get static build up- seriously- can we say this about fleece?
  • It's green!  No hazardous by-products in the manufacturing.

Yep- that's me... head to toe in wool and ready for a run on a 34 degree day.  

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