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Saturday, February 5, 2011

It all began one day last September....

... when I decided to join my "running friends" for three miles.  This may sound innocent enough, except that I had never run three miles before- and didn't make the whole three miles that day either.  Nonetheless, I committed to run a 5K with them in April.  The next week found me running again and again and again and actually beginning to like love it!  (So much that I then committed to a 190 mile relay in May!)

Things were going along just wonderfully until... December 26th- the snow started falling in Connecticut- and it hasn't stopped yet.  Some how I decided to become a runner in Connecticut's "snowiest winter in history"!

This whole snow and wet roads thing wasn't working for me.  Despite following all the advice (wool socks- check) my feet were often numb from the cold.

I am a seamstress and wanna-be designer at heart and had been working with felted wool for a couple of years, my creative juices started flowing.  There must be a way to stay warm enough to enjoy running this winter!

After a few revisions and some trial runs from those running friends the ShoeSweater was born.  Read on for more details on how it works and how you can get  YOUR feet warmed up this winter.


  1. That is so awesome Paula! Awesome work.

  2. Thanks Anji- the RS is partly to blame for all of this as Lora initiated the "not a RS activity, but all are invited to come run on Saturday mornings" activity!